Artist/Photographer Yolanda Redding (born and raised in Franklin County Pennsylvania) has been carried away by her dreams, education, ambitions, and family to earn an Associate’s Degree in Art in Georgia, Faith Studies in Indiana, Events Planner/Decorator in Illinois and Pennsylvania, Private Art School and Talent Development Teacher in Pennsylvania, and furthering her education in Photography through the New York Institute of Photography. Yolanda has always been behind the scenes encouraging and supporting her husband and children in their music/art ministry outreaches, but has had a desire to reach even more people through her artistic abilities in recent years.

Whether it has been construction paper, canvas, rice paper, drawing pad, or the pallet of captured light through photography, Yolanda has always had a passion and an eye to position the normal and the unusual within the reach of others looking on. Her desire is to capture or create images that will take you to a moment or memory that will bring worth back to your life.

She says about her work: “I believe that God created us in His image, and that we can be connected to Him by faith in His Son. Because of this faith connection, we have an innate desire to artistically capture and create things that bring glory to Him. When we create art, we attempt to create something beautiful like God does. He provides the best inspiration for the eyes of our heart. My prayer, when people view my photography, is that my perspective of God, the Master Artist, is sensed in the rendering of the images that have captured my heart.” 

These pictures have a mission: it is to tell a story, to take us to a well placed memory, or to capture us in a moment. Without the image all could be lost in the hustle and bustle of life, and be left behind in the sea of forgetfulness. Whatever the locale, on the best of days or the worst of days, these images will hopefully stir up unexpected feelings and thoughts in the beholder and draw them closer to the Creator of Stories, Memories and Moments.

Breathe… Rest… Pause… Remember…

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